Client Services

We take away the panic when Revenue Canada calls.
When meeting with new corporate and business clients, our first step is to discuss their needs and requirements. Then we collect all relevant data and prepare our plan of approach. We use software to prepare corporate tax returns, HST returns, and accounting records, and provide copies of all completed materials when the job is done.
With a deep knowledge of tax regulations and requirements, we spot opportunities for clients to minimize their personal income tax in both current and future years.
To discuss your needs and find out more about our friendly service and reasonable rates, please call Danielle at 613-258-4949, and book your consultation today.

HST, Payroll, WSIB

Running a business is more than having a product or service to sell. You have employees, inventory, record keeping, and all the data that these items include. Your employees need to be paid, you have to account for the sale of your products or services, and you have to pay taxes in more than one jurisdiction. Having good records helps your business develop on a sound footing.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Sound, timely data is the source of all good business decisions. Keeping your books in pristine order helps you grow your business knowing exactly where you stand with suppliers, customers and your tax obligations. Finding the time to do this task and do it well, takes you away from your company and passion. Have you got receipts and invoices in boxes waiting for a moment to be filed? We can take your raw numbers and create the kind of financial instruments you can use.

Some of the tools you need:

Personal Tax Services & Accountants

Taxation is a fact of life we all have to accept. While you have to pay your fair share of taxes, you shouldn’t pay more than that. Keeping your personal tax records in good shape and being aware of all the taxation rules, regulations and legislation is often not a high priority for individuals. When tax time arrives, there is a scramble to get everything in order and it is easy to miss key information or deductions that apply. Then comes the dreaded mail that indicates there is a problem!

Corporate Tax Returns

Corporate taxes are requirement of companies operating in Canada. In order to facilitate filing corporate taxes you have to have easy access to all your financial records. At first blush this can seem complicated as there are various factors in how to file your corporate returns and the compliance rules that must be followed. Knowing all the ins and outs of your company’s assets, payroll, income and expenses, capital costs, borrowing, deductibles can only be accomplished by having all the relevant data at hand.