Accounting & Bookkeeping

Sound, timely data is the source of all good business decisions. Keeping your books in pristine order helps you grow your business knowing exactly where you stand with suppliers, customers and your tax obligations. Finding the time to do this task and do it well, takes you away from your company and passion. Have you got receipts and invoices in boxes waiting for a moment to be filed? We can take your raw numbers and create the kind of financial instruments you can use.

Some of the tools you need:

  • Budget figures
  • Financial Statements including balance sheets and income statements
  • Management Reports
  • Proposals including job costing
  • Financial Analyses
  • Cash flow management
  • Year End Reports
  • Audit Preparation
  • Taxation documents

Businesses are required to file taxes in a timely manner with the Canada Revenue Agency. Penalties for late filing can be avoided by having your books in order and your tax obligations clearly established. Not only can we prepare your tax filings but also handle communications if required directly with the CRA.

The well-trained and professional bookkeepers at Sheppard Accounting can help you maintain the kind of records you need either in person or in the Cloud. We can customize the process with which we work with your company to handle digital or paper records. Our full-range services include Bookkeeping, setting up Accounting systems for new businesses and all Financial Statements. Your business financial information is in good hands with Sheppard Accounting.